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Knitting Inspiration: hoods. Like, fairy tale hoods. I read somewhere that “capes are in” this year and, while I don’t give a flying fuck about that sort of thing, it does mean that suddenly all these fetching hooded capelet/shawl things are sprouting like mushrooms. (Get it? Mushrooms? Fairy rings….fairy tales? You’re right, that was a bit of a stretch.)

I’m particularly drawn to ones that are heavily textured or almost insubstantial. There was a thing with hooded scarves a few years back that I never really committed to; having seen these more voluminous alternatives, I suddenly understand why I waited. Unlike hoodies, which are ubiquitously casual to the point where I refuse to wear them, and hooded scarves, which make me think of kids who can’t be trusted to not lose individual cold weather items and are thus given a combination mittens/hood/scarf thing, these are poised somewhere between little kid make-believe and massive sophistication. I also suspect that they won’t cause hat hair, although I might have to line them to prevent unfortunate bobby pin accidents.

Sources are, as always, in the captions and below.

Through the Woods 
Jo’s Pride Hooded Shawl 
Northanger Abbey Hood 
Be Still My Beating Heart 
Scarlet Capelet 
Winterberry Hood 
Sage Woodland Hood 
Peaks Island Hood


There is now a follow-up to this alarmingly popular post that answers the question of how the fuck to wear the hoods.

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